Frequently Asked Questions

What Are We Going to Do in this Class?

Assignments are described in the “Assignments” link in the menu above. Each week you will be reading, contributing to discussion, and completing writing assignments. There are 4 papers due over the course of the semester: 3 shorter essays on fiction, poetry, and drama, and one longer research paper. See the Assignments Calendar for a quick overview of assignments and due dates.

Please go to the Helpful Downloads page to see the official course syllabus.

This Course Is Open to the Web. What Does that Mean?

This course is different from a course in Blackboard. No one can see a course in Blackboard unless they are enrolled in the course. This course is open for others to find and see on the web. This means that when you post to the discussion board, what you say is visible to others on the Internet. No one outside this course may post to the discussion board, but they can read what you write.

This public context is an opportunity for you to view your thoughts and writing as part of a larger conversation that includes other informed, sensitive, passionate thinkers and beings in the world. Take your ideas and comments seriously, as well as those of others. If you do not want your real name displayed publicly, you are welcome to use a pseudonym, but you must let me know what it is.

*Please note that your grades are recorded only in Blackboard. They cannot be seen by anyone other than you and myself.

How Do I Turn in My Work?

You will turn your work in to an online portfolio using Google Drive.   You can find detailed instructions on how to set up your account, name your assignments, and see revisions on the How To Submit Work page.   Please title your assignments according to the guidelines to prevent delays in grading.

How Do I Get My Grade?

You can find out what your current grade is by logging in to Blackboard.

What Book Are We Using?

See Required Texts. All page numbers refer to this textbook. Other reading is individually assigned and available through libraries.

How Can I Get in Touch with You?

Email:   sjdoetschman@alaska.edu

Office hours:   by email & appointment, 907-699-9162

What’s Your Policy on Late Assignments?

Late work is not accepted.   Please contact me with any concerns regarding this.

A Note on Grammar and Spelling

For this course, you’ll be expected to write grammatically standard sentences, use spellcheck, and edit for clarity and style. We will practice these in class, but if you’d like extra or personalized help in these areas, please visit UAF’s Writing Center, Rural Student Services, or Student Support Services.