Discussion 12

A. Describe your research interest. Which texts from the textbook will you include? Be as specific as you can about your idea and why you are interested in it. Wednesday

B. Comment on 3 other students’ Discussion A. Your posts can be brief, but they must be of substance (for example, “that sounds interesting’ is not substantive). You can pose some questions for further thought or you can add your own thoughts on the topic. Sunday

Discussion 11

A. Choose one of the critical approaches from the reading. Use the research strategies in chapter 5 to find out some more about that approach. Post your findings. Wednesday

B. “Using Indexes and Databases’ (71-72), find one academic article related to the paper you are revising. Make an MLA citation and post it. Describe how you found the article. Sunday

Discussion 1

The Discussion page is where we can benefit from an open forum of shared ideas and comments. Discussion A is due Wednesday. Discussion B is due Sunday. Comment respectfully.

A. “Happy Endings’ is grouped in the textbook with humorous and satirical stories. Do you agree with that grouping? Explain your position.  Wednesday

B. Answer another student’s Question 1, or respond to another student’s Discussion A.  Sunday