Discussion 8

A. Watch a performance of 1 of the plays (you can find many versions by typing in the author’s name and title of the play on youtube). Describe the performance and explain how watching it changed your experience of the play. Provide the url. Wednesday

B. Watch and respond to another student’s Discussion A. Sunday

35 thoughts on “Discussion 8

  1. Sure Thing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXBHzckDXlY

    Watching is always more interesting. To hear the tones of the actors voice and watching their body language brings the play to life. There were lines left out and lines added but that makes the play the actors own in a way. I also liked how it was edited in way that it was almost like different cuts. Instead of a continuous play with a bell being rang to break up each scene.

    1. This video seemed to be modern way of editing and creating the play. I think it was interesting seeing the video at a more personal level not two actors on a screen with an audience. When I first read the drama in the anthology I pictured the two people in a more personal setting like the one on the video.

    2. I agree that seeing it preformed was much better than reading it, and the editing choices worked really well with the humour of the play, though I wish they hadn’t left out the portions of the text that they did, I felt like some of the humour fell flat without the whole script.

    3. I was able to watch the first few minutes before it shut down from my internet. I really enjoyed watching the first part of it. I liked watching and hearing the different tones they used in this video. It made me grasp and understand how the play was written. Also the body gestures helped with how the actors felt. I surely enjoyed watching this videoover reading the text.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think that watching a homemade version of the play “Beauty” really had the desired effect. The one I watched was two giggly girls skipping and tripping over their lines and it was hard to take the model character seriously when she said that she was “Hanging on by her fingernails,” when she was standing in a home that was probably a million dollars, on the conservative end. I could see, however, how a well-acted play would help in determining where the characters are adding additional inflection to their tone or how the setting could help with the understanding of the material.

  3. Beauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtAtKUBvSd4

    Watching this version was a little hard for me. I wasn’t expecting to hear an accent from the characters, so that really through me off. Some of the words are different from the text. Not much, just minor things like Bethany having a $40,000 job in the text changing to a $60,000 job in the video. At the last part of the play in the text the names are no longer separate; this somehow made me think they became one person, I ended up confused. When the girls switched places in the video, it was a lot easier to follow along with what actually happened. They weren’t talking at the same time, they just switched bodies.

    1. I agree with you the accents were a game changer for me also. I didn’t think that it would affect the performance as much as it did personally for me. I enjoyed reading Beauty more then watching this version.

  4. Sure Thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XliV9M7-If4
    I thought the humor came out in the video more then what I gathered in actually reading the text. I didn’t like that the audience would say “Ding” after some of the lines. The actors seemed to be very laid back and bubbly. The two people were brought to life and suddenly had their own personalities after watching and observing the video. I didn’t like the visual as much as I enjoyed listening to the audio and the voices of the characters. The theme was surrounded by humor, and it especially shows in the video!

    1. I really enjoyed watching this. Much more than reading. I normally give characters their own personalities in my head while reading stories, but I didn’t do it for the characters of this play so seeing the people come to life just made it so enjoyable. I think that the “Ding” was just a fun way to say next scene.

      1. I agree with your thoughts. The ding to me got a little annoying after a while, If I was in the audience maybe my mind would change.

    2. I also thought that the video had a more humorous effect. I enjoyed putting a face and voice to the characters words. The ding didn’t bother me, I thought it was something that made the play unique. I thought the actors were very good. I enjoyed the video more than the text.

  5. Beauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtAtKUBvSd4
    I also had some trouble with the girls accents, while I loved reading the short story it did differ from the play slightly. I thought that the young ladies who were acting in it did a fantastic job at portraying their characters and explicitly stating the flaws of being both kinds of girls. There was some comedy in the way that they acted so outlandishly, I thought they showed their characters well.

    1. I had trouble with the different accents at first but I decided to follow along in my text. The actresses definitely had fun performing this play and I enjoyed watching this.

  6. Beauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZCCrm31Ikc
    There is always a contrast between text and live action. This version of the play isn’t of the entire thing, but seems to use the meat of the theme which is that Carla wants to be beautiful in a way she can’t seem to be, and Bethany is tired of being wanted only for how she looks. She tries to convince Carla that looking beautiful isn’t the same as feeling beautiful, that a life of only appearances isn’t very good.
    I liked this play verison because Carla is so energetic due to her awe at getting her wishes granted. Althought the third wish isn’t granted in this one, the lesson of the value of beauty is still there at the forefront. Carla wants a hollywood version of beauty that can get her just almost anything she wants but at the cost of privacy and a real relationship. I might use this play as a learning mechanism for my baby cousins it has such a good lesson in it.

    1. I agree with using this play as something to help teach young girls about body image. I like the theatrical take that the performers had on this play, it really gave life to the story. The beautiful girl did a very good job of portraying the dumb girl and expressing her want to be a pretty smart girl. It is sad to me that so many woman feel this way about themselves, very interesting when written into a play though.

  7. After watching “Sure Thing” as performed by Pigeon Players Theater Company I found the play a lot funnier and that the story line actually made a lot more sense. I was able to see that it was the same conversation being picked up in different places with different tones. It allowed the characters to show through much better, the personality changes to make a larger impact as the story progresses.

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtAtKUBvSd4
    I am going to be completely honest and admit that reading the drama was so much better than watching it. In my head I pictured the women different, the lamp different, even the apartment different. I watched at least five different videos on YouTube and none of them lived up to my imagination. The story was great and I loved the underlying theme that we want what others have. However, I was hoping for a better version of it acted out.

    1. This video is interesting concerning the heavy accents in English, but I agree with you about imagining in your own mind what the text is describing instead of watching it. Sometimes what we come up with is better than what is on a hollywood film, and that makes the story even more precious.

    2. I agree with a lot of the other posts; what we can imagine in our head is often times greater than what actors can play out on the stage. That’s why when you tell somebody that you have watched a movie based on a book and they have read the book they will tell you that the book was so much better. Most of these videos also had the disadvantage of the fact that they were obviously inexperienced and tripping through the lines. They also did not have the added benefit of a large budget movie, which is the medium that most of us are used to seeing dramas acted out.

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XliV9M7-If4

    watching this helped me really get into the play! I really enjoyed the humor and the actor and actress played their rolls really well. It was enjoyable to watch. The film version definitely clarified the play for me but changed my perception of the characters, I didn’t imagine them so enthusiastic but then that was probably their twist to make it more original.

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtAtKUBvSd4

    I watched Beauty by Carla Bethany. Watching the play was more exciting than reading the text. I was able to see the desperate expressions of the actresses on stage. Their hand gestures and body movements added to the dialog of the story. This allowed me to be immersed in the play. The theme is thought provoking while keeping a light and humorous dialog. The acting wasn’t cinema quality but it didn’t take away from the play. Overall, the short play was enjoyable.

  11. I choose to watch the play Beauty, but my internet here in the village is extremely slow and I was barely able to watch the first couple minutes- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtAtKUBvSd4.
    I read the play with my mother not knowing the topic or meaning behind the play and we were both laughing our heads off. It was a very interesting and fun play to read. With the few minutes I watched of the play, the accent was kind of throwing off the whole play and the scene was not too thrilling for me. I surely enjoyed reading the play out loud rather than watching the performance.

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