Helpful Downloads

Helpful Downloads

Fall 2014 English 211 Syllabus: This is the official syllabus for this UAF course, containing important information regarding this course and how it operates.

Fall 2014 English 211 Schedule of Assignments: A 1-page snapshot of reading and writing assignments for the fall semester.   [Notice the schedule is set up by weeks, or Lessons.   Each Lesson concludes Sunday night, which is the deadline for that week’s assignments.   You’ll want to begin the reading for each Lesson as soon the week starts (reading assignments are listed in the top “box” for each week).   Throughout the week, you’ll participate in discussions and questions about those readings, with due dates on Wednesdays (and the 3 Fridays before Papers are due).   By the end of each week (Sunday at midnight), you’ll turn in your writing assignment for that Lesson (writing assignments, discussions, and questions are listed in the lower “box” of each week on the schedule). See also the Discussion Schedule.

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MLA Formatting Template: If you’re able to open and use this template, it might make the formatting process for your papers a bit easier.

Hacker MLA 2009 Update: In 2009 MLA changed some of the details on formatting the Works Cited page, specifically for citing print and web publications.

Evaluating Websites: A short handout on how to evaluate a website as a scholarly source.

Signal Phrases: A collection of good signal phrases to help you introduce your research.   Keep this document by your side while you’re writing your papers.

Verb Tense for Analysis of Literature and History: This is an explanation of how to handle verb tenses when you’re writing a paper about literature.   Should you say “Joyce’s main character was a young boy,” or “Joyce’s main character is a young boy”?