How to Submit Work

 First, Name Your Assignments Correctly:

Scroll down to see instructions on how to use Google Drive.

Please name your 30-point informal writing assignments as follows:

  • IW-1-Lastname
  • IW-2-Lastname
  • IW-3-Lastname
  • IW-4-Lastname
  • IW-5-Lastname
  • IW-6-Lastname
  • IW-7-Lastname
  • IW-8-Lastname
  • IW-9-Lastname
  • IW-10-Lastname

Please name your formal papers like this:

  • Paper-1-Lastname
  • Paper-2-Lastname
  • Paper-3-Lastname
  • Paper-1or2-Revision-Lastname
  • Research-Draft-Lastname
  • Research-Final-Lastname

Once the assignment is graded, it will be renamed, like this:

  • Graded-IW-1-Lastname
  • Graded-IW-2-Lastname
  • Graded-Paper-1-Draft-Lastname


How to Submit Your Work:

You’ll first create a Drive folder with the title “ENGL 211 Your Name” (instructions below) and share it with me at  Your Drive folder will serve as your portfolio throughout the semester.   Your papers will be graded in this private folder.   DO NOT SEND YOUR PAPERS THROUGH EMAIL. Google Drive  is a free service and although you can download the program to your computer, you are not required to do so and you may upload all of your papers using the Drive feature of your Google services.



How to Set Up Your Drive Account

1.You can get to Drive either directly when signing into your UA account:

Google Apps login

or by accessing the Apps panel once you’re already signed into your UA mail account:

Drive 1         Click on it…            Drive in App menu   …and choose Drive from the menu.

If you’ve never accessed Drive before, you may be prompted to download Drive to your computer. It’s up to you if you want to download it to your personal desktop; it’s not required for this course.


2. Once  in Drive, you’ll see this menu in the upper left corner of your screen:

Drive Menu            Click on “Create,” and choose “Folder” from the drop-down menu:  Folder




3.  You’ll be prompted to name the folder. Type in “ENG 211” and then your full name:

Name New FolderThen click “Create.”


3. You’ll be sent back to your Drive menu. Right click on the folder you just created, and this menu will appear:

Share Folder  Choose “Share” and then…  Share folder 2…type “” into the “Invite People” field.

Press “Send.” This will share your folder with me, your instructor, only. You will create all  of  your assignments in this folder, and those assignments will be automatically saved in this folder and shared with me. I will not be able to see any other work you have outside of this folder.


5. Once you’ve shared your folder, begin working on assignments, naming the documents correctly (see above).  You can create new assignments in your folder:

Create document  Making sure you’re in your ENG 211 folder, click on “Create” in the left-side menu and choose “Document.” You’ll be prompted to name the document. Be sure you’re using the naming conventions listed above for each assignment. Documents in Drive save automatically. All documents you create in your ENG 211 folder will automatically share with me.