Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Due September 7th

The textbook we are using is a combination of writing instruction and resources, and an anthology of literature. An anthology is a collection of texts written by different people. Some of the literature you will read is found within the writing instruction pages and is assigned with the chapters. If the works are from the anthology, they are listed separately. If you don’t have your textbook yet, I have made copies of the first reading assignment for you [gview file=”https://english211sd.community.uaf.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/450/2011/05/Reading-for-ENGL-211-Lesson-1.pdf”].

Do not skip over the writing instruction parts of the assigned pages. Try the suggestions out. Think about the questions.

The stories are pretty short, and you should be able to linger for a while on each one. Just let the story have its effect on you. Then start to think about how to describe that effect to someone. Start to think about how that effect was achieved.

What to Read

  1. Chapters 1 and 2 (2-29)
  2. “Preparing the List of Works Cited” (96)
  3. “Story of an Hour’ (236-237)
  4. “Salvation’ (279-281)

Informal Writing Assignment 1

Pre-formatted MLA Template

First, download the pre-formatted MLA Word template by clicking on the link above. All of your assignments must be properly formatted, including informal writing assignments. This template will make the job easier. If you are uncertain as to the specifics of document formatting in MLA, click here.

1. Practice writing for expression and information (8): For 1 of the 2 stories assigned from the anthology, write a paragraph that expresses your opinion on something in the story and write a 3-sentence summary to inform potential readers as neutrally as possible.  10 points

2. Practice distinguishing critical comments from plot details (22): For 1 of the 3 stories read for lesson 1, observe 3 plot details and transform each plot detail into a critical comment. 10 points

3. Create a Works Cited page that lists the 3 stories from the anthology. See page 99 (“Work in an anthology”) for instructions. 10 points

4. Submit your work.

If you are uncertain as to the formatting required for a Works Cited page, you can use the following links from the Purdue Online Writing Lab for a better understanding:

MLA Basic Formatting for a Works Cited Page

Lesson 1 Submission Checklist

  • Informal Writing Assignment 1