Lesson 10

Lesson 10: Due November 5th and 9th

This week you’ll focus on one full-length play. You’ll also begin to handle critical points of view written by others.

What to Read

  1. Chapter 18 (765-812)
  2. Casebook (813-818)

Discussion 9

A. Answer “Responding to the Critics’ question 2 (818). Wednesday

B.   Respond to another student’s Discussion A. Sunday

Informal Writing Assignment 8

In a 2-3 page essay, answer “Responding to the Critics’ question 1 (818). I’ll be looking for MLA-cited quotations from the play and a Works Cited page listing the play and the critical essay(s) you discuss. Remember that titles of plays are in italics, not quotation marks.

Lesson 10 Submission Checklist