Lesson 11

Lesson 11: Due November 12th, 14th, and 16th

This week you’ll write your 3rd formal paper. I will look for signs that you worked hard to improve in areas that were challenging for you in the first two papers.

What to Read

    1. Review chapters 1-4.
    2. Review your first two papers.

Discussion 10

A. Post a section of your draft, and ask for specific feedback. Wednesday

B. Provide specific feedback to another person’s post. Friday

  Paper 3 (100 points)

This paper must use 1 of the assigned plays. Your paper can focus on the play(s), or use the play(s) as one of any number of texts you examine for your purpose. This paper must use 1 secondary source.

A primary source is the work under examinations, such as a story or a poem or a play or a painting or a movie. A secondary source is a work that helps you to understand or otherwise illuminate the primary source, such as a critical essay or a review or biographical information or any other kind of information.

The secondary source should be something you find on your own. That is, your paper may use anything from the textbook, but I also want you to find 1 additional secondary source.

Of course, you will make a Works Cited page and everything will be in MLA format!

Beyond that, you can be creative with this paper. Play with your own style and organization. Use some of the prose, poetic, and dramatic techniques you’ve been observing!

Informal Writing Assignment

No Informal Writing Assignment this week.

Week 11 Submission Checklist: