Lesson 12

Lesson 12: Due November 19th and 23rd

This week you’ll revise your first or second paper by adding another element. You’ll begin to think about your research paper and explore your own preferred approaches to literature.

What to Read

  1. Chapter 5 (68-96)
  2. “Critical Approaches for Approaching Literature’ (1084-1090)

Discussion 11

A. Choose one of the critical approaches from the reading. Use the research strategies in chapter 5 to find out some more about that approach. Post your findings. Wednesday

B. “Using Indexes and Databases’ (71-72), find one academic article related to the paper you are revising. Make an MLA citation and post it. Describe how you found the article. Sunday

Paper 1 or 2 Revision

Choose which paper you want to revise. Your revision must be substantial, bringing another element to your paper. This means that you will be rethinking the paper, placing it in a larger context, or placing it side by side with a new idea. This new element does not have to be research, just a new frame or a new background. Also work on your style, grammar, and mechanics. Polish everything to shine. 35 points

Your revision must be accompanied by a letter to me stating your goals for revision and how you attempted to achieve them. 15 points

Week 12 Submission Checklist