Lesson 13

Lesson 13: Due November 26th and 30th

This week we transition into working on the research project. By now you should have an idea of which works and ideas you are interested in researching further for your research paper. You don’t have to have a clear direction yet. The process of research and writing happen together, and your idea will come into focus over the next two weeks.

What to Read

  1. Read online or in books about an author.
  2. Read 3 academic journal articles. These can be found using UAF’s library database. Go to  https://www.library.uaf.edu/findarticles

Discussion 12

A. Describe your research interest. Which texts from the textbook will you include? Be as specific as you can about your idea and why you are interested in it. Wednesday

B. Comment on 3 other students’ Discussion A. Your posts can be brief, but they must be of substance (for example, “that sounds interesting’ is not substantive). You can pose some questions for further thought or you can add your own thoughts on the topic. Sunday

Informal Writing Assignment

a) Author study

Choose an author we have read this semester whose work you are interested in.   Make sure to select a writer whose work you really enjoyed or found important. Research that author in order to increase your knowledge of his or her life, which may help you gain insight into his or her work. Take notes. Keep track of your sources (please see pages 101-102 for web citations). Make a Works Cited page.  https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/08/ 10 points

b) Annotated bibliography of scholarship

Find 3 academic journal articles that are related to your idea (or a specific work or author). Review the research tips on pages 71-72. You might need to skim through several articles or read the abstracts in order to find 3 that actually are interesting to you. Once you start looking, you will get a sense of which types of sources are most important or useful for your particular area of interest.

Read 3. As you research, be sure to keep good notes: citation information for all sources, important and interesting quotes, your ideas and questions, and summaries of each source.   By doing so, you will have what you need to complete the annotated bibliography.

An annotated bibliography is a Works Cited page with an annotation after each entry. An annotation is a summary and brief comment on the work. So make a citation for each source, summarize each in a few sentences, and then add a brief discussion of your thoughts on the piece.  https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/08/

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15 points

c) Idea development

Write a letter to me describing your research paper idea at this point and ask any questions and express any concerns. I want to know which works you will be writing about, and I want to know why you chose them, at minimum. 5 points

Week 13 Submission Checklist:

  1. Informal Writing Assignment 9
  2. Discussion 12