Lesson 14

Lesson 14: Due December 7th

This week you’ll continue research and writing your paper. You’ll hand in a draft of your paper at the end of the week, but this draft can be rough. Some of it might resemble freewriting or disconnected notes. The important thing is to keep writing even while you are researching and studying the primary text(s).

What to Read

  1. Re-read your primary text(s)!
  2. Continue researching and reading sources. At least 5 additional sources will be required for Lesson 15‘s annotated bibliography.
  3. Review pages 73-74 for evaluating online sources, and take notes for your annotations.

Question 4

For the last 3 weeks we will use the discussion board for questions and answers about the research paper. You must participate at least once in the 3 weeks to receive these 5 points. I suggest you check in each week as many of the topics will likely apply to everyone.

Research Paper draft

a) Draft

Begin drafting your paper. You will need to draft at least 4 pages. Your draft does not need to start at the beginning. If all you have is notes and fragments, start typing them up and you will be surprised what they will turn into. How can you connect them? Do some freewriting.

Another way to produce some writing is to pick a few passages that you really want to quote, and then work some discussion around the quotation. Review some of the lists of critical questions in the textbook and see if you can apply them to your quotation. See if you can apply one of the secondary sources to the quotation. You’ll start to develop a focused paragraph, as well as deepen your understanding of what drew you to the quotation and understanding of the work itself.

Once you have some writing to work with, think about the design for your paper. Without writing out all the details, try to project where you will take your paper or even plan an outline (outlining is not required but can be helpful especially for longer papers). 30 points

b) Documentation

Make your Works Cited page with all of the sources you think you might use. Don’t forget to alphabetize! 5 points

c) Paper development

Write me a letter that explains

  • what you like most about your draft
  • what you are most worried about in your research process
  • what your plans are for further research
  • anything else you want help with or want to tell me                     15 points

Week 14 Submission Checklist

  1. Research Paper draft
  2. Question 4