Lesson 15

Lesson 15: Due December 14th

This week you will focus on further developing and revising your research paper.

What to Read

Keep re-reading your primary source(s)! Going back to the text you are examining while you are composing and refining your paper can sometimes turn up new details that you missed or allows you to see the text in a new way. Additional research can also provide inspiration, refueling your energy for the project, and can help you refine your argument.

Question 4

Continue to post any questions you have about your writing, your ideas, your process, or anything else.

Informal Writing Assignment 10

a) Final annotated bibliography: This annotated bibliography will contain at least 7 secondary sources, 3 of which must be academic journal articles, as well as all of your primary sources.  20 points

b) In addition, hand in a 1-page discussion of how your research process is working or not working for you. 10 points

Week 15 Submission Checklist

  1. Informal Writing Assignment 10.