Lesson 16

Lesson 16: Due December 18th

This week your final research paper is due on Thursday by midnight. Late papers will not be accepted or receive any credit. So hand in what you have on Thursday.

Here’s what’s due on Thursday:

Timed Essay (15 points)

Analyze one choice you’ve made in your writing for this class. What were the consequences of this choice? How would this choice be affected  if you were writing for a different audience? Reference and explore examples from your writing this semester. This is a timed writing assignment — spend 45 minutes in your writing process. Submit your essay as the final page(s) of your Final Research Paper draft.

Final Draft of the Research Paper (85 points)

  • 7-8 pages of text
  • Works Cited page with all works referred to in the text
  • minimum of 7 secondary sources (3 of which must be academic journal articles)
  • sharp introduction and conclusion
  • enticing title
  • unified thesis and supporting arguments that demonstrate thoughtful interpretation and analysis
  • mastery of MLA style
  • close proofreading of grammar and punctuation
  • attention to your individual voice and style