Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Due September 10th and 14th

This week you’ll practice different ways to develop and organize paragraphs by focusing on the use of humor in short stories.

What to Read

  1. Chapter 3 (30-45) (I suggest you read the story, “Love in L.A.,” first. It starts on page 43.)
  2. Chapter 6 (106-111)
  3. “Writing a First Draft” (78-83)
  4. “Why I Live at the P.O. (431-439)
  5. “Happy Endings” (445-447)
  6. “Nuit of the Living Dead” (452-457)

Question 1

Read through the list of questions in Chart 6-1 (111). These questions could be asked of any story. Transform a non-specific question, or set of questions, into one that would apply specifically to 1 of the stories assigned from the anthology. Wednesday

Discussion 1

The Discussion page is where we can benefit from an open forum of shared ideas and comments. Discussion A is due Wednesday. Discussion B is due Sunday. Comment respectfully.

A. “Happy Endings’ is grouped in the textbook with humorous and satirical stories. Do you agree with that grouping? Explain your position. Wednesday

B. Answer another student’s Question 1, or respond to another student’s Discussion A. Sunday

Informal Writing Assignment 2

a) Practice writing convincing arguments (30-35)

Choose 1 of the assigned stories for lesson 2. Study the examples making minor claims, citing and explaining evidence, and leading to major claims. Write 1 paragraph that follows the process described. Write a second paragraph in which you speculate on what counterarguments could be made. Pay attention to using direct sources as described in chapter 5 (2 paragraphs total). Make a Works Cited page entry. 20 points

b) Practice comparison of short stories (38-39, 106-109)

Using the ideas for examining a short story in chapter 6, make an outline for a comparison of how the authors achieve humor in “Why I Live at the P.O.’ and “Nuit of the Living Dead.’  10 points

Lesson 2 Submission Checklist