Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Due September 17th and 21st

This week you will be focusing on the literary elements of point of view, setting and atmosphere. and plot. Since you have now read several stories, you can begin to identify themes.

What to Read

  1. Chapters 9-10 (152-181)
  2. “What Is Theme’ (182-183)
  3.  “Geraldo No Last Name’ (357-358)
  4.  “A&P’ (440-445)

Question 2

Study the lists of questions on pages 161 and 176-177. Create a similar list (3-5) for 1 of the stories assigned from the anthology. Wednesday

Discussion 2

A. Read pages 182-183. What themes have you identified in the short stories? You can elaborate on a single story, or you can talk about a theme across stories. Wednesday

B. Respond to another student’s Discussion 2A. Sunday

Informal Writing Assignment 3

Using both of the assigned stories as the basis of your discussion (you may, but do not have to, include any of the other stories in addition), write a 2-3 page essay that answers this question: Is the plot of a short story driven more by point of view or by setting and atmosphere? Include an MLA Works Cited page. Since this is an essay, give it an enticing title! 30 points

Lesson 3 Submission Checklist