Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Due September 24th, 26th, and 28th

It’s time for the first formal paper! The Discussion this week is designed to help you exchange advice and ideas about your papers, so Discussion B will be due Friday.

What to Read

  1. Chapter 4 (46-67)
  2. Handbook for Correcting Errors (1058-1083)
  3. “Integrating Quotations ‘ (128-129)
  4. “Sharpening the Introduction’ (141-143)
  5. “Sharpening the Conclusion’ (163-164)
  6. “Improving Style’ (179-180)

Discussion 3

A. Post an introduction, conclusion, or other paragraph from your paper. Describe how you used the writing tips on pages 128-129, 141-143, 163-164, or 179-180 in a few sentences. Ask for specific feedback. Wednesday

B. Provide specific feedback to another person’s paragraph. Friday

Paper 1 (100 points)

You’ve already written a lot about short stories. Read through some of that writing. Review the Discussions and read new posts. You can read the questions for discussion printed at the end of each story in the book. You can expand an idea you already wrote about for this class. Your paper should be driven by a thesis, but it should also please the reader in your unique way.

The pages assigned for this week’s reading reflect the writing practices I’ll focus on in evaluating your paper. Here they are in list form.

  • 3-4 pages
  • integrated quotations
  • sharp introduction and conclusions
  • attention to style
  • an enticing title
  • MLA formatting throughout, including in-text citations and a Works Cited page

Lesson 4 Submission Checklist