Lesson 6

Lesson 6: Due October 8th and 12th

This week will focus on three ways to examined and discuss a poem: “persona and tone,’ “poetic language,’ and “poetic form.’ You will also practice quoting poetry using MLA format.

What to Read

  1. In chapter 13, read the following pages: 492-495, 499-501, 504, 506-507.
  2. Chapter 14 (511-528)
  3. In chapter 15   read the following pages: 529-537, 545-551.

Discussion 5

A. Choose any term you learned in this lesson that you would like to know more about. Use the internet or other sources to learn more and post your findings in one paragraph. Wednesday

B. Using another student’s findings for Discussion A, re-visit a poem from lesson 5 and explain how what the other student wrote affects your understanding of the poem. Sunday

Informal Writing Assignment 5

a) In this lesson you learned about “persona and tone,’ “poetic language,’ and “poetic form.’ Without using the textbook, the internet, or other sources, write a 1-3 sentence explanation for each of these. 10 points

b) Choose 1 poem from lesson 5 and 1 poem from lesson 6. In 3 paragraphs discuss the use of the techniques above as you understand them. Integrate examples from the poems, and include a Works Cited page. 20 points

Lesson 6 Submission Checklist

  1. Informal Writing 5
  2. Discussion 5