Lesson 7

Lesson 7: Due October 15th and 19th

This week we’ll explore the visual elements of poetry. You will also expand your own exposure to poetry by choosing additional poems to read that speak to you uniquely. Look through the various tables of contents (notice that the book provides a thematic table of contents on pages xxxiii-xxxix for those of you interested in thematic approaches to literature). Look at titles, or just browse the poems themselves to find 5 that speak to you.

What to Read

  1. “The Art of Poetry” (564-572)
  2. Choose 5 additional poems from the anthology (581-715).

Discussion 6

A. Discuss the role visual elements have in 1 of the additional poems you chose. Since others may have not read the poem, this is a post in which you should also provide some brief description or summary of the poem. Make a citation for the poem. Wednesday

B. Read and respond to another student’s Discussion A. Sunday

Informal Writing Assignment 6

In this section you read poems inspired by visual art. In a 2-3 page essay, you will examine the relationship between visual art and poetic art. What are the visual elements of poetry? What are the poetic elements of a painting or photograph? Use examples from any poems you read for this lesson. Make a Works Cited page listing the poems and visual works you discuss.

Lesson 7 Submission Checklist