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  1. 1. In “A & P” who is telling the story? What does the main character quitting tell you about his character? Is this significant to the story?
    2. How do you think that the story would have been different in “A & P” if it was told from the “Queen’s” point of view?
    3. Write a Paragraph about the conversation that the main character in “A & P” and the “Queen” would have had if he had caught her before she left the parking lot of the store.

    1. Good generative questions; that is, you look for speculation. I wonder with your first question if you can separate out what the main character tells us up front from what he tells us inadvertently.

  2. In “Geraldo No Last Name” who’s point of view is telling the story?
    How would the story have been different had Marin known his last name? Or if the surgeon had come?
    What do you think Geraldo would say for himself had he survived the accident?
    Is the “they” described meant to be the cops?

    1. These middle two questions are generative in that they ask for speculation. Your last question is suggestive. That is, the answer is yes or no, but the question seems to be hinting at more. What difference does the answer make? That is, why was this an important question for your understanding of the story?

  3. 1) In “A&P” the narator is going into great detail about how the girls are dressed, Why is this significant? Is it really necessary to go into so much detail?
    2) I f the manager, Lengel hadn’t taken notice of the girls, do you think anyone would have made any coment as to the way they were dressed?
    3) Do you think Lengel would have said anything if it would have been guys in board shorts rather than girls in bathing suits?
    4) After Sammy quit, if he would have caught up with the girls, what do you think he would have said to them and them to him?

    1. I fee like as you go down your questions, you are asking questions that are answering previous questions. When you ask “Is it really necessary to go into so much detail?” you seem to be suggesting it is not necessary. But I wonder if “necessary” is really the way to look at it. Does a story have needs? Your last question is very generative. An answer would have to give a lot of interpretation on the character in order to rationalize the answer. Lots of room for further thought with these questions.

  4. 1. In “Geraldo No Last Name” why do you think Cisneros omitted the narrator Marin’s last name? Is it significant?
    2. What are some of the assumptions Marin makes about Geraldo? How does she assume others view him? What is she revealing about herself in her assessment of him?
    3. Who does Marin blame for what happens to Geraldo? How does her view of the world shape the narrative?

    1. Your questions will lead to a lot of discussion covering character analysis, and in some ways suggesting author purpose. This last question is big enough for a paper.

  5. 1. In “A&P” do you believe the manager was really following the dress code regulations when confronting the girls or do you think he was just embarrassed because of how they were dressed?
    2. In “Geraldo No Last Name” why do you think she stayed at the hospital or worried when she barely knew the man?
    3. In “A&P” do you think the employee quit just to impress the girls who seemed to not notice or because he was standing up for them because the manager was indeed wrong?

    1. Notice how your questions 1 and 3 give two choices. That kind of question can sometimes limit exploration because maybe there is a third or fourth possibility. For example, the manager maybe was just taking the opportunity to speak to the girls (just as an example). In other words, there is nothing wrong with your thoughts in these questions, but the wording can be more open, such as “why do you think the employee quit?”

  6. 1. What is the major conflict in the story of “Geraldo No Last Name”?

    2. In “Geraldo No Last Name”, who is telling the story? What kind of person is she? Describe and explain how you feel about her.

    3. What features of the setting seem essential to “Geraldo No Last Name” unfolds?

    1. I think describing how you feel about a character is a great way to make an initial deeper exploration, especially if you pay attention to what about yourself makes you have those feelings. It’s also a good way to differentiate your world from the world in the story (which you do more of in the setting question). The conflict question indicates that you bring to story-reading a belief that stories have a conflict! I wonder if that is always true, or what else you might have been getting at with the question.

  7. 1. In “Geraldo No Last Name”, What was the significance of omitting the last names of Geraldo and Marin?
    2. Why did Marin feel such a connection with Geraldo that she cared? Was it just human nature or something more?
    3. If Marin had just met Geraldo, why was she wondering about his family down south? How did she know about the “kitchenettes, two room flats and sleeping rooms” that he rented? Was this all an assumption or did she learn this from this stranger that night?
    4. What is the importance of what Geraldo was wearing, the shiny shirt and green pants?

    1. With question 3 it feels like there would be a definite answer that we cannot know as readers. What do you hope to gain from speculation about that? Does it make a difference in their relationship, in your understanding of the story? Your second question begs to be unpacked; that means that many other concepts have to be explored to answer it, not the least of which would be the nature of human nature!

  8. 1. If the story was narrated by Marin how would it be different? What emotions or personal insight would we see from her? Was she frightened or bored?

    2. Why is the intern without an attending? Would Geraldo have survived if there was an attending?

    3. What caused Geraldo’s injuries? What were the injuries? Was Marin involved or a witness?

    4. Where was Geraldo from? Will his friends and family miss him and search for him or was he a drifter?

    5. Why was he wearing green pants and a shiny shirt? Was that what caused his injuries?

    1. Your questions taken together show that you pay really close attention to small details. That’s great! I would love to see where answers to these questions would take you. Your questions are so specific that it is not clear how they would fit together as an exploration, but they would make a great start toward a theme or thesis.

  9. 1. describe the character of Marin, how do you feel about them?
    2. why is Marin conflicted about Geraldo’s death?
    3. what is the major conflict in the story Geraldo no last name?

  10. Who’s point of view is being narrated in the following quote from A&P: “Policy is what Kingpins want. What others want is juvenile delinquency.”?
    After Sammy’s comment about the witch burning in Salem and his final farewell to Lengel, what can we conclude about his view towards authority?
    What was Sammy illustrating when he said, “The sheep pushing carts down the aisle…”?
    Besides his comment, “…in the cool of the A&P, under florescent lights…” how does Sammy describe the store he works in?
    In what ways does the Queenie influence Sammy’s decision to quit? How does this affect him soon after? What would’ve happened if the girls waited for him outside?

    1. Your questions contain the passages that will assist readers in the answer. This is a great approach to asking fruitful questions about portions of the text that stand out to you. This line of questions will easily lend itself to being built into an argument.

  11. In “Geraldo No Last Name”, is the point of view from a police officer or a journalist?
    Why is this story so interested in what Marin had to do with Geraldo?
    Why does the last paragraph of the story feel like its changing and then is cut off?
    Would this be considered an unfinished work or an open ending?
    What happened to Geraldo?

    1. Interesting questions. I really like your focus on the story as an entity. Your fourth question is most interesting to me personally. I wonder what difference it makes whether we call it unfinished or open ended. Is the effect different?

  12. “Hunters in the Snow”

    1. How do you respond to Tub? Do you feel sorry for him, admire him, dislike him, or a combination of all three?
    2. How does the characters relationships change throughout the story?
    3. What do you make of the guys stopping so often, ordering pancakes at the bar, all the while their friend is bleeding to death in the truck bed?

    1. As with Sophia and Thalia above, this question of liking or disliking a character can lead to introspection and therefore better understanding of the world of the story. Your second question could lead to systematic analysis of the story which could uncover unexpected points of view.

      1. Tub appears to be an overweight guy who was always at the brunt of everyone’s jokes. I don’t particularly care for him at all. In fact this story was, in my opinion, very poorly written. As far as the relationships, Kenny was once the leader and didn’t care about anyone but himself. After he was shot the other guys had unexpected freedom and chose to ignore Kenny’s dire needs.

  13. “Geraldo No Last Name”

    1. Who is telling the story? Is there more than one?
    2. What can you say about the relationship between Geraldo and Marin?
    3. At several points in the story there are clues to where Geraldo may have come from. What are some of these clues?

    1. I wonder where these questions will take you as far as creating deeper understanding of the story or the characters or something else. The last question opens up a lot of other questions. Is the fact that his origin is not stated a feature of the narrator, author, or something else? How does where he comes from matter?

      1. So I think that where he comes from is an important factor. 1, because it will help the police identify him. 2. adding the first, his family will also know what happens to him.

        Although this may not be significant in this short story, it does spike my interest and is something that bugs me as a reader because there is no significant details to use your own imagination.

  14. “Geraldo No Last Name”

    1. Do you think the situation would have been different if the story was told by Geraldo’s point of view and Marin had died? Would Marin have told Geraldo her last name?

    2. How do you think Marin’s personality is like? What type of character traits can you discover from the story?

    3. Examine the first two paragraphs, what does it reveal? What types of detail would you add to the story?

    1. I’m very interested in this question of whether Marin would have told Geraldo her last name. Your last question sounds like it is hinting at a criticism maybe. Do you feel detail is missing? Would there be a reason for less detail?

  15. “Geraldo No Last Name”

    Marin had just met Geraldo, so why do you think his death makes such a impression on her? What is the significance of Geraldo not having a last name? What does Marin have to explain after she gets sent home?

  16. “Everyday Use”
    In “Everyday Use”, do you think mama was too harsh or simply a proud woman. What do you think of Dee/Wangero? was she a selfish brat or do you think her love for culture was genuine? Mama and Maggie lived in a shack with only the bare necessities. Why do you think the quilts were not as important to Maggie as they were to Mama?

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